Isuriz is redefining what is possible with college counseling by offering a la carte solutions at a more affordable cost for the mass-market.

College Admission Planning Assistance

By utilizing College Admissions Planning Assistance, you can get assistance from a professional on building a custom college list, narrow down an existing college list or get feedback on factors to look at when choosing a college.

College Application Assistance

With College Application Assistance, a professional can assist with reviewing your Common Application or another application for edits or changes prior to submission, and answer questions that you have on it.

College Essay Assistance

For College Essay Assistance, you can work with a professional to brainstorm essay topics, review an essay outline or get feedback on a rough draft of your essay.


The College Affordability Assistance is critical to many students, and you can work with a professional on researching scholarship opportunities, financial aid applications, or get feedback on your scholarship essay.