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The online college solutions out there now are cumbersome, and difficult to use. When you want to build your college list today, you typically go online, select your search criteria, and the database produces results. Then, you have to research the individual schools, see which ones you like, and try to figure out your chance of being accepted. Once that is done, you typically organize the list based on the likelihood of being admitted, and then develop a strategy for how many schools should be included on your list. This is time consuming, frustrating and hard to do.


The Future

Introducing Isuriz, a transformative platform built by college counselors for college applicants that will change your thinking about what is possible in online college search. In the comfort of your own home, Isuriz harnesses its powerful database of more than 6,800 colleges, and over 3,000,000 records to deliver custom college search results that you can sort by certain personal preferences, and then easily organize according to the likelihood of your acceptance. Then, Isuriz will analyze your list to help you determine how many schools to pursue. Now, you can quickly have the search results you are looking for from the best online US college list builder available today.

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A database with over 3 million records, reaching over 6,800 colleges, that offers one of the largest selection of U.S. colleges, universities, and technical and vocational institutions in which to build a college list.



Data compiled from numerous sources including the US Department of Education, the Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, and directly from colleges across the United States.



An online solution developed by college counselors for college applicants that produces a custom list of schools organized by the likelihood of your acceptance and analyzes how many colleges should be on your list.


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